How To Join

Interested in joining? Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Browse our Take Part section to see what we offer

  2. Register your interest by filling out a form on an ensemble page or visiting Contact Us - don’t worry, you don’t need to choose a session straight away

  3. Pop in for a quick, informal chat so we can meet you, show you the space and explain the sessions we offer

  4. Come back for your FREE taster session

EGO is a friendly and welcoming community, and we’re sure you’ll love it here. There’s no pressure to join before you’ve tried a session - just have a go, meet our lovely members and you’ll hopefully discover that EGO is the place for you.

Membership fees


(EGO Creates, EGO Creates Jr, EGO Aukestra, EGO Centrics, Big EGO, Alter EGO, EGO Boost and Super EGO)

1 ensemble - 1 session per week - £40 a month (approx. £10 per session)
2 ensembles - 2 sessions per week - £60 a month (approx. £7.50 per session)
3 ensembles - 3 sessions per week - £80 a month (approx. £6.67 per session)
4 ensembles - 4 sessions per week - £100 a month (approx. £6.25 per session)

Sibling rate - 50% off for any sibling of a full paying member

EGO Creative Academy

EGO Creative Academy is an Adult Social Care Day Opportunities service, and therefore the pricing structure works differently. Click here to find out more

Existing members

To manage your existing membership and payments, or to access scripts and schedules, visit our Members' Area.